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Untaymed Sniper Untaymed - The Sniper
CD $6.99 (2007) Untaymed Sniper CD

Tracks -
01 Nowhere To Run 04 Can't Kill Me
02 Destroy U're World 05 Last Time
03 Tonight 06 Goodbye

Untaymed 9199 CD Untaymed - 9199: Best of '94-'06
CD $6.99 (2007) Untaymed 9199 CD

Tracks -

01 Bandit 08 River of Love
02 Secrets 09 Tear Down The Walls
03 Tell The Truth 10 Lite In The Storm
04 I Want You 11 I'm Not Afraid
05 More Than A Friend 12 Key 2 Your Heart
06 Deeper and Deeper 13 Animal
07 On The Prowl 14 Flirtin' '99

Untaymed CD 4 Untaymed - 4 / IV/ Four EP
CD $6.99 (2006, 22 min.) Untaymed 4 CD

Tracks -

01 Can't Kill Me 04 Forever
02 Last Time 05 Goodbye
03 Desperate Heart 06 Only Lover

Untaymed CD On The Prowl Untaymed - On The Prowl
CD $6.99 (1998, 40 min.) Untaymed On The Prowl CD

Tracks -
01 On The Prowl 07 Anytime
02 River of Love 08 Your Eyes
03 I've Got It 09 Key 2 Your Heart
04 Tear Down The Walls 10 Animal
05 Lite In The Storm 11 Flirtin' '99
06 I'm Not Afraid  

Untaymed 2 CD Untaymed - 2
CD $6.99

Tracks -
01 Tell The Truth 05 I Am The One
02 Come Take My Love 06 Deeper and Deeper
03 I Want You 07 More Than A friend (remix)
04 More Than A Friend  

Untaymed 1994 EP CD Untaymed - 1994 EP
CD $6.99 (1994, 13 min.) Untaymed 2 CD

Tracks -
01 Flirtin' with Disaster 03 Bandit
02 Secrets 04 Jewel

Maskerade CD Maskerade - Maskerade featuring Chris Jacobson. lead singer for Untaymed doing techno /dance
CD $6.99 (2008, 21 min.)  Maskerade CD 

Tracks -
01 Move To The Beat 04 Ladykiller
02 Maskerade 05 Touch
03 Feel U're Body 06 In My Dreams

Various Artists Perris Network Volume 1 CD Various Artists - Perris Network Vol. 1 ft. Untaymed
CD $7.99 (2006, 63 min.) Perris Network Volume 1 CD

Tracks -
01 Platoon13 - Chemical War Affair 10 Hollow - Burn This Place Down
02 One Of Sixx - Crusader 11 Almost Sober - That's Life
03 Hangface - Cancel Me 12 The Street - No Way No How
04 Images of Eden - I Remember When 13 Core - Severed
05 Integrated System Of Machines - Screams 14 Tortured Soul - 13
06 Untaymed - Tear Down The Walls 15 Havok - Do or Die
07 Enve - Frustrate Me 16 Cirkus From Hell - Wicked
08 Dame Fortune - Both Sides of Midnight 17 Addictions - Candy
09 Drivin' Rain - Drink My Wine  

Untaymed Band Biography

Untaymed was formed in 1991 by Christopher James Jacobson. Various lineups of the band have played countless shows in the northeast including opening slots for the following bands: Judas Priest, Quiet Riot, Angel, Stephen Pearcy formerly of Ratt, Ratt, Sebastian Bach formerly of Skid Row, Wasp, Joey Belladonna of Anthrax, Lillian Axe, Vicious Rumors, and Dokken. The music can best be described as Melodic Arena Rock / Metal from the 80's brought into the present time.

Untaymed CD Untaymed Band in concert
Untaymed Band CDs Untaymed Band shows
Visit Untaymed Official Web Site

Caroline Blue CD Slave To The Hourglass Caroline Blue - Slave To The Hourglass EP
CD $7.99 (2005, 25 min.) Caroline Blue Slave To The Hourglass CD  more info  ROCK
805 Band End of Light Best of 1979 To 1989 MP3 320 VBR full length retail direct digital download remastered 2008 805 - End of Light: Best of 1979-1989
Direct Digital Download $9.99

remastered 2008 Direct Digital Download more info PROGRESSIVE ROCK

805 CD End of Light Best of 805 - End of Light: Best of 1979-1989
CD $11.99 (2005, 72 min.)
805 End of Light Anthology CD  more info PROGRESSIVE ROCK
Todd Hobin Band MP3 direct digital download Todd Hobin Band - Todd Hobin Band
Direct Digital Download $9.99 (1978, 42 min.)
remastered 2008 more info ROCK
Coalition CD All Purpose Grind Coalition - All Purpose Grind
CD $9.99 (1997, 32 min.) Coalition - All Purpose Grind   more info  ROCK

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