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 Tim Anthony Happy Door CD Tim Anthony of The Brambles - Happy Door
CD $12.99 (2005) Tim Anthony of The Brambles - Happy Door CD
Tracks -
01 Maryellen 08 It Was You
02 Baby I'm Back 09 All This Time
03 Up to You 10 Disappear
04 This Autumn 11 Mondays With You
05 More 12 The End of Us
06 No Words 13 Number Two
07 Maybe This Girl  
Tim Anthony of The Brambles CD Things That Once Were Tim Anthony of The Brambles - Things That Once Were
CD $12.99 (1995, 37 min.) Tim Anthony of The Brambles - Things That Once Were

Reviews -
In the finest pop-rock spirit for melodic pop mavens.  Beatle inspired songs that are hook filled gems.  Releases from this proficient tunesmith should be of great interest for pop-rock fans.
Mark Bialczak
Music Critic
Post -Standard
Syracuse ,NY

From a melodic point of view, the early 70's pop legend Badfinger comes to mind on several tracks, and sure enough, Tim Anthony cites greats like John Lennon, Pete Ham, Eric Carmen, and The Rubinoos among his major pop influences.  Anthony's Beatle inspired singing and songwriting
is well evident on this disc.  Every song here contains a strong memorable hook, while Tim's masterful, self contained accompaniment on almost every instrument is quite impressive.  I am voting for this CD as one of the Top 10 CDs released during the 90's.
Time And A Word

Tim Anthony of The Brambles - Things That Once Were
Tracks -
01 Never Gonna Cry 07 Is She Mine
02 Every Time 08 The Attraction
03 Eyes Of Love 09 A Little Bit
04 Move Along 10 When Love Goes Wrong
05 The Time 11 Now You're In My Heart
06 Love's In The Wind 12 Never Gonna Cry (reprise)
The Brambles CD Next Big Thing The Brambles - Next Big Thing
CD $12.99 (2000, 49 min.) The Brambles - Next Big Thing

Reviews -
Cousins Tim and Lou Anthony are The Brambles.  These guys love the Beatles. These tasty pop songs make that obvious.  Their love for melody and hooks runs deep.  The wonderful vocal harmonies and guitar work are tack sharp. This CD is a top 10 best of 2000.  I strongly recommend this release.
Mark Bialczak
Stars Magazine, NY

The Brambles bring the glory days of the 1960's when melodic pop songwriting was the rule of thumb and not an afterthought.  These guys rock and sing their butts off.  The songs and great harmonies make you wish there were more bands like this.  Thank god the Brambles exist.  I can't wait for their next release.
DJ Paulie

WSAM Radio, Hartford, CT

The Brambles - Next Big Thing
Tracks -
01 Next Big Thing 09 Weight of the World
02 Gotta Be Love 10 Feels Like Forever
03 She'll Never Know 11 Lonely For Your Love
04 A Need For Knowing 12 This
05 Maybe This Time 13 One of a Kind
06 Baby Girl 14 Happy Ending
07 Wish 15 Tonite
08 Story of You and Me 16 Next Big Thing [reprise]
The Brambles CD Holiday From Love The Brambles - Holiday From Love
CD $12.99 (1999, 46 min.) The Brambles - Holiday From Love

Reviews -
The Brambles "Holiday From Love" have a real winner here.  Tim Anthony and cousin Lou Anthony capture the joy of pop.  You just want hum right along with these songs.  It's like these songs have been in your sub-conscious but it took The Brambles to bring them to the surface.  The result is a well crafted album of great 60's styled pop. 
Time And A Word

The Brambles "Holiday From Love" is Tim and Lou Anthony, cousins, and I guess that accounts for the great harmonies!  The sound is familiar to fans of The Raspberries, Badfinger, and even late era Searchers.  This is inspired power pop on the very pleasant amiable side of pop.  The Everly Brothers styled vocals lend a nice coloring to the overall feel as it evokes the smooth sweetly sung Eric Carmen spirit that is so hard to pull off for so many pop bands.  These guys pull it off!  The wonderful melodies and hooks keep you quite frankly hooked!  We need more bands with this type of vocal embellishment to use The Brambles as an example and run with it.
Bruce Brodeen
Not Lame

The Brambles - Holiday From Love
Tracks -
01 Intro Talk 09 Love This Time
02 I Want To Be With You 10 Always Been You
03 The Kick Inside 11 The Time
04 Every Time 12 A little Bit More / Dreamtime
05 Eyes of Love 13 Safe in My Arms
06 Now You're in My Heart 14 Joey the Lightning
07 Lonelyville 15 Outro Talk
08 Falling 16 Holiday From Love
The Brambles CD Until I Saw You The Brambles - Until I Saw You
CD $6.99 (2002, EP) Sorry, SOLD OUT!
This Is Rock n' Roll Vol. 2 with Dana and Carl CD Various Artists - This Is Rock n' Roll Vol. 2 with Dana and Carl
CD $12.99 (2006) This Is Rock n' Roll Volume 2 CD
Tracks -
01 MEGHAN JEAN CAFARELLI: We're Back! 15 CLOUD ELEVEN: Tokyo Aquarium
02 CHRIS VON SNEIDERN: An Early Clue To The New Direction 16 JIM BASNIGHT: Look Inside
03 SCREEN TEST: Sound Of The Radio 17 RAQUEL'S BOYS: Orange Soda
04 JOHN WICKS and THE RECORDS: Edges Of A Dream 18 POP IS ART: Are You Listening? [TIRnRR ID]
05 THE COWSILLS: She Said To Me 19 BEAUTY SCENE OUTLAWS: Carl Cafarelli
06 RICHARD BARONE: 123...Infinity 20 THE BLONDES: Suzi Quatro
07 THE BAR [Babjak, Adlerman, Reil]: Katie's Shoes 21 THE RINGLES: Tiffany's Dimension
08 THE FIRE APES: Hey Kate 22 LO and THE MAGNETICS: Sooner Or Later
09 ASTROPUPPEES: Ride The Cowboy 23 THE SPONGETONES: Anyway Town
10 THE CONDORS: Don't Want A Girl Who's Been With Jack 24 POP IS ART: Baby He Loves You
11 THE CHARMS: Talk Is Cheap 25 MR. ENCRYPTO: The Last Time [a cappella]
12 TIM ANTHONY: Maryellen 26 THE LEMON CLOCKS: Brand New Day
13 EYTAN MIRSKY: I'm Losing You 27 THE GRIP WEEDS: Out Of Today


   George Harrison Tribute CD He Was Fab George Harrison Tribute - He Was Fab  more info
CD $16.99 (2002) George Harrison Tribute - He Was Fab 19 Bands pay tribute! Feat. The Brambles

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