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Los Blancos Laryngitis Session Live 2006 Los Blancos - Laryngitis Session Live 04-16-2006
Direct  Digital Download $9.99 (2006, 60 min.)
direct digital download 320 VBR

One cool April night, not that long ago, Los Blancos was to play a very special show for Good King Dave.  Problem is, we had a problem.  A BIG problem!  Colin had completely lost his voice!
A show before our king, and the master of the disaster had no pipes?  “Nunca subestimar la energía de Los Blancos!” 
The show MUST go on! Mark Nanni and Steven T. had no choice but to step up and fill the void with some Los Blancos tunes you may not have heard anywhere else before. 
The legend of the Laryngitis Session was born!

Tracks -  Listen to some lo-fi samples and click on Buy It Now above to purchase CD quality MP3s.
Los Blancos CD Cookin With The Cats Los Blancos - Cookin With The Cats
   CD $12.99 (2004) Los Blancos Cookin With The Cats CD

Featuring Guest Artists Hal Casey, Bobby Green, Garnet Grimm Sr., Mark Hoffman, William "Big Bill" Kerner, Willie "Taters" Mavins, Pete McMahon, Terry Mulhauser, Skip Murphy, Tom Townsley, Washboard Willie. 
Note: Proceeds from this CD are donated to the children of Eisenhut and Dorn families.

Tracks -
Los Blancos CD Still Thirsty Live On Rhythmz Los Blancos - Still Thirsty, Live On Rhythmz
Direct  Digital Download (2002)
CD quality MP3s available for instant download at only .99 cents per track.
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Tracks -
01 Miss Your Water Miss Your Water mp3 06 Big River Big River mp3
02 The Dotted Line Dotted Line mp3 07 Goodtime Woman / Do Whatcha Wanna Goodtime Woman / Do Whatcha Wanna mp3
03 Re: Count Votula Re: Count Votula mp3 08 Backbeat Rhythm Backbeat Rhythm mp3
04 Zero Willpower Zero Willpower mp3 09 Another Man Done Gone Another Man Done Gone mp3
05 Chill Chill mp3 10 Duke's Special Blend Duke's Special Blend mp3
Los Blancos CD Thirst of a Thousand Camels Live Los Blancos - Thirst of A Thousand Camels, Live
CD $12.99 (2001) Los Blancos Thirst of a Thousand Camels Live CD

Tracks -

Los Blancos CD Special Blend Los Blancos - Special Blend
   CD $12.99 (2000) Los Blancos Special Blend CD

Tracks -
01 Mighty Mean Mama 07 Block That Kick
02 Kaffe 08 Crazy Mama
03 Roughed Up 09 Summertime
04 Strut 10 Wild Wild Woman
05 I Got To Tell You 11 Shakin' That Thing
06 Somethin' Just Ain't Right 12 Duke's Special Blend
Los Blancos CD For Sale By Owner Los Blancos - For Sale By Owner
Direct  Digital Download (1999) CD quality MP3s available for instant download at only .99 cents per track.
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Tracks -
 Mark Nanni CD Unfinished Business Mark Nanni from Los Blancos - Unfinished Business
   CD $12.99 (2005, 50 min.)  Mark Nanni Trio Unfinished Business CD 

Tracks -
01 Blue Corn Tortillas 07 Andy Warhol
02 Doubt 08 I Don't Think So
03 Birthday Ballad 09 Miles
04 Yo Man (You Gotta Big Rip In Your Pants) 10 Stoneground
05 Intro To Sometimes 11 Unfinished Business
06 First Robin 12 Marie
 Intention with Mark Nanni CD Intention Intention with Mark Nanni - Intention
   CD $12.99 (2005, 55 min.) Intention CD 

Tracks -
01 All of Me 06 Fashion
02 Hello, Dolly 07 A Gusty Day
03 Body and Soul 08 In The Still of The Night
04 Marie - vocal 09 The Spell
05 Marie - instrumental 10 Boby Meices

Los Blancos Band Biography -

Los Blancos music spans style and time, and defies classification. They've been compared to Little Feat, The Neville Brothers, The Radiators, The Allman Brothers, The Band, ZZ Top, and countless other breeders of American Music. On any given night they rip through Blues, Memphis Soul, rockin' Zydeco, Santana-esque Latin rock, Outlaw Country, NYC style funk, and a dozen other styles. A band born from decades of dues in the hands of musicians that play/write from the heart. Sure, they pepper their original shows with a healthy shake of down-home Roots, but this band doesn't just cross the line between styles, they soak it in tequila and TORCH IT!

Enter Colin Aberdeen, whose versatile vocal style warms you up from the inside out. Whether he's beltin' out the blues, or melting the ladies with a little soul music, Aberdeen is an original. His confident, emotion-filled vocals wrap around you like your mama's arms and make you feel good. And we mean Damn good! Colin will bring down the house when he's slingin' that slide on the guitar, too! A true-blue artisan of the roots.

The keyboard angle is covered by the inimitable Mark Nanni. His versatility is unmatchable, his passion on the keys, undeniable. From solo gigs, to band leader, to first-call side man, Nanni has done it all. Mark is equally at home on piano, churnin' and burnin' Leslie organ, or any other board, including one bad-ass accordion! His jazz sensibility, intense vocal style, and improvisational freedom add a heapin' helping of color and spice to the Los Blancos stew.

Rounding out the roster is the rock-solid rhythm section of veteran drummer Garnet Grimm and bassist/vocalist Steven T. Winston. Grimm is a grooving monster of a player with a world-class shuffle. He brings a drive and focus that keep it tight, while still leaving plenty of room for the big fat bass of Steven T. Winston.

Having been a collaborator and side man on countless gigs around the region, Steven T. has the experience and taste to know what fits, no matter what the style. A great, burly, bear of a singer, too, he's also been known to step up to the front and belt out a couple. These guys lay it down so deep in the pocket you can't help but feel your feet movin' to the beat! They chug like a freight train, or float through an effortless soul groove. Mix a bit of sweet harmony in with all the meaty material, and this perennially award-winning band is a sure-fire FEAST for the ears.
Best known for their mind-blowing live shows, LOS BLANCOS is ready to move, move, MOVE!!!

From the Lafayette Louisianna roots of Rock’n’Roll and Zydeco, to the deep end of the blues and back. From the heavy one of the JB Funk, to sweet Memphis Soul. Cruise through the Latin Quarter on your way, and then throw in a squeeze of hotsteppin' Swing, and you'll see why Los Blancos has won virtually every award for musicianship and popularity their CNY homeland has to offer. Decades of dues in the hands of players that write from experience, from a joy in music, and from the heart. This is the real deal y'all! If you have the time to listen through their catalog of rockin' original roots music here, bet you won't believe all those different flavors come from the same 4 guys. Over 200 shows a year of straight ahead, in the buff, booty movin' music!

Band Members -
Steven T. Winston: Bass, Vocals,,
Mark Nanni: Keys, Vocals,
Colin Aberdeen: Guitars, Vocals,
Mark Tiffault: Drums

Reviews -
-----"***** 5 out of 5 Stars...the band plays hot blues, funk, and rock riffs...and plays Latin-flavored blues-rock with a flair that would make Santana proud. Aberdeen's vocals are from the gut and full of emotion and passion...and the rhythm section cranks along with a powerful beat." Philip H. Farber, Daily Freeman, NY

-----"Los Blancos' eclectic mix of material is right up this city's alley. It's a blues band to be sure, but there are also moments of Latin Jazz, Tex-Mex, Soul, and Rhythm and Blues. You know these guys are on the right track!" The Gambit Weekly-New Orleans, LA

-----"Los Blancos delivers one of the most diverse sets I have ever heard. Blues, R&B, Latin, Rock, and a touch of Jazz blending effortlessly... Los Blancos' range of style is nothing short of phenomenal. Their last performance at Franco's rated among the greatest shows I've ever seen. No doubt about it...these guys are GOOD!" Billtown Blue Notes, PA

-----"Not only one of the best debut discs to ever come out of Syracuse, it's one of the best debut discs to ever come out!...the most impressive debut this reviewer has heard, or expects to hear for some time. I am reminded of my first impression of the band Little Feat...this disc redefines the term 'breakout recording'."
Mike "Red Dog" Downes, Blues Connection Magazine

-----"This is one of the best CDs I've heard in the last decade. The material is gorgeous and full of soul. These great musicians can't be denied." Ronnie Earl

-----"The very solid four are at the top of their game...Torrid but still fun stuff...(Los Blancos) set a high bar for headliner Gov't Mule to clear". Mark Bialzak, Post Standard, NY

-----"If Los Blancos is any indication of what's happening up there, they for sure got it going on! Los Blancos is a stripped-down four-piece combo that packs a big punch-and a hell of a good time-into one small package." Vintage Guitar Magazine

Click image above to play .mov video of "Miss Your Water".

Los Blancos Band CD Los Blancos live in concert 2005
Los Blancos Band live in concert 2004
Visit Los Blancos Band Official Web Site.

Big D and Tasty Cafe CD Big D and Tasty Cafe Big D and Tasty Cafe - Big D and Tasty Cafe 
CD $14.99 (2002, 45 min.) Big D and Tasty Cafe - Big D and Tasty Cafe  more info  BLUES
Flatface and the Shemp-Dells CD Clambake Flatface and the Shemp-Dells - Clambake
                         Direct Digital Download $9.99 (2001, 72 min.) Flatface and the Shemp-Dells Clambake mp3 download more info  BLUES
Flatface and the Shemp-Dells CD Yeah Baby Flatface and the Shemp-Dells - Yeah Baby!
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Mad Jack CD Straight Up Mad Jack - Straight Up LP
                                                                                      Direct Digital Download $8.99 (1984, 35 min., remastered) Mad Jack Straight Up MP3 download more info  SOUTHERN ROCK



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