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Mad Jack - Best of Mad Jack 1985-2005 CD  Mad Jack - Best of Mad Jack 1985 - 2005
CD $11.99 (2012, 65 min.)  Mad Jack - Best of Mad Jack 1985 - 2005 CD  
For over twenty years, upstate outlaws Mad Jack played their gritty brand of rock, blues,
and Americana at every beer soaked dive, biker bash, and concert hall throughout the
Northeast. Along the way, Mad Jack released four independent albums and shared the stage
with the Outlaws, the Marshall Tucker Band, Molly Hatchet, and Blackfoot. The constant
traveling, endless one-nighters, and rock 'n' roll lifestyle eventually took its toll,
and the band flamed out in 2005. Fortunately, the best of their studio recordings are now
available on the Best of Mad Jack 1985-2005!

Tracks -
01 Straight Up 09 Hold On
02 Troublemaker 10 Outlaw Blues
03 Fast Guns And Rot Gut 11 On The Run
04 Hangin' Tree 12 Soldier Of Fortune
05 Runnin' With The Night 13 American Dream
06 Too Bad To Tame 14 Desperation Road
07 A Man Like Me 15 Tonight We Ride
08 Knee Deep In The Blues  

Mad Jack CD Mad Jack Mad Jack - Mad Jack
   CD $11.99 (2005, 69 min.) Mad Jack - Mad Jack CD 

Rated 6th Best 2005 Release out of hundreds in Central NY by The Syracuse Post Standard.

Tracks -
01 Robert Johnson 09 Tonight We Ride
02 Desert Rose 10 I Wouldn't Change A Thing
03 Soldier Of Fortune 11 Peyote Nights
04 American Dream 12 Apocalyptic Preachers
05 Runnin' 13 Burn One Down
06 All Night Guitar Man 14 Hangin' Tree
07 Desperation Road 15 North Woods
08 Highway Blue  
Mad Jack CD On The Run Mad Jack - On The Run
   CD $11.99 (1994, 39 min.)  SOLD OUT / OUT OF PRINT 08/2011  Please purchase direct digital download above instead.

Tracks -
01 Too Bad To Tame 06 Fine As She Can Be
02 Hold On 07 Bad Man
03 A Man Like Me 08 Outlaw Blues
04 Knee Deep In The Blues 09 Shake It Loose
05 Justanna 10 On The Run
Mad Jack CD Down The Road EP Mad Jack - Down The Road EP
Direct Digital Download $4.99 (1986, 17 min.)               
direct digital download 320 VBR

Tracks -
01 Yours Is The Heart 04 Down The Road
02 Dead End Street 05 Runnin' With The Night
03 Yours Is The Heart (instrumental reprise)  
Mad Jack CD Straight Up Mad Jack - Straight Up LP
Direct Digital Download $8.99 (1984, 35 min., remastered)             

direct digital download 320 VBR  

Tracks -
Kaplan Shaw CD Mojo Cafe Kaplan Shaw - Mojo Cafe
   CD $11.99 (2008)  SOLD OUT 08/2011 Please purchase direct digital download directly above.

Tracks -
01 Raised By Wolves  08 Stuck On You 
02 What You Want  09 Dancin' With The Devil 
03 Headline Blues  10 She Made Me Choose 
04 Sweet Addiction  11 A Mile On Down The Road 
05 Everybody Let's Dance  12 Apology Blues 
06 I Won't Let You Down  13 Shawdawg Rag 
07 Too Complicated   
Kaplan Shaw CD No Stranger To The Blues Kaplan Shaw - No Stranger To The Blues
   CD $11.99 (2007, 47 min.) Kaplan Shaw - No Stranger To The Blues CD 

Tracks -
01 Worry No More 07 You're No Good For Me
02 No Stranger To The Blues 08 Why Do You Tease Me
03 Jack Daniels, The Blues, and Me 09 A Man Like Me
04 Ride This Train 10 When I Find My Mojo
05 Cost of Living 11 Axe To Grind
06 Right As Rain 12 Just Before The Well Goes Dry



Mad Jack Band Biography -

Southern rock from churning from the swamp lands of Syracuse, NY.  Formed in 1983, MAD JACK quickly distinguished itself from the competition by playing classic covers and choice originals, and delivering them in a gutsy, no-nonsense style.

In 1984,
MAD JACK released its debut album �Straight Up,� which featured a blistering cover of CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL�S �Fortunate Son,� as well as the self-penned guitar anthem �Hangin� Tree.� By 1985, MAD JACK was playing to packed houses and sharing the stage with national recording artists MOLLY HATCHET and THE OUTLAWS.

1986 saw the release of 
MAD JACK�S follow-up, �Down The Road.� More high profile shows followed, this time in support of the MARSHALL TUCKER BAND, DUKE ROBILLARD, and BLACKFOOT. Road trips, late nights, and hard living seemed to agree with MAD JACK, who literally worked non-stop throughout the next three years.

In 1989, three of
 MAD JACK�S four members joined the legendary British blues band SAVOY BROWN. During their tenure with SAVOY BROWN, the members of MAD JACK recorded no less than four albums, including �Make Me Sweat,� �Kings Of Boogie,� �Live And Kickin�,� and �Let It Ride.�  They also toured extensively, playing shows with JOHNNY WINTER, GREGG ALLMAN, JOHN LEE HOOKER, and HUMBLE PIE among others.

MAD JACK reunited in 1992. Now seasoned by years of roadwork, the band was tighter and more focused than ever, and their original songs exuded a new level of confidence and maturity, as evidenced by 1994�s offering, �On The Run.�

1997-2002 saw the band on hiatus as marriage, career changes, and re-evaluation of lifestyles took the members of MAD JACK in wildly different directions.

In 2003 MAD JACK
founding member Lou Kaplan (lead vocals, bass, and acoustic guitar) reunited with 20-year veterans Mike �Smokey� Brown (guitar) and Rick Jewett (keyboards and vocals). Longtime friend and SAVOY BROWN alumnus Al Macomber (drums and vocals) was a welcome addition. 

MAD JACK released their fourth album in June of 2005. Simply titled �Mad Jack,� the new disc showcases the band�s growth as songwriters, as well as their ability to draw from a myriad of stylistic influences, including rock, blues, jazz, country, and folk.

Following the release of �Mad Jack� and an incendiary set in support of country rock legend COMMANDER CODY; the decision was made to expand the group to a five-piece unit. The choice was so obvious that no auditions were deemed necessary, and songwriting friend Mike Shaw (lead vocals, guitar, and dobro) officially joined MAD JACK as a full time member in July of 2005.

In 2007 Lou Kaplan and Mike Shaw formed a new blues band called Kaplan-Shaw.


Band Members -
Lou Kaplan - Vocals, Bass
Mike "Smokey" Brown - Guitar
Mike Shaw - Guitar, Dobro, Vocals
Rick Jewett   - Keyboards, Vocals
Al Macomber - Drums, Vocals

 Mad Jack Band
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