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"The first of the nine rollicking dinosaur songs featured in this collection captures listeners' attention right away with the jaunty '69 Million Years'.  This fast-paced tune places the dinosaurs in a time 'Back before McDonald's, back before TV, back before rock music, and Newsweek magazine.'   It sets the stage for songs about 'big monsters' as the T-Rex, stegosaurus,  triceratops, ankylosaur, and the archaeopteryx.  The songs are filled with intelligent lyrics that accurately portray the lives of dinosaurs.   In 'Who Shall I Eat Next,' Mr. T-Rex has eaten most of his relatives and is trying to figure out who will be his next meal.  Even a trip to the dietician hasn't helped cure his voracious appetite.  In 'Triceratops,' the normally peaceful dinosaur defeats the mighty T-Rex rather than become his dinner.  Interspersed with the facts are just plain fun-filled songs like 'Prehistoric Porch Sale,' and the play on words 'Thesaurus Thesaurus.'  A good edition to early elementary school collections." 

-Veronica Schwartz, Des Plains Public Library, IL


"Fun facts abound on '9 Dinosaur Songs' by the Bergman Broom Haywire Ensemble, a compilation of jaunty folk-flavored tunes about the ever popular prehistoric beasts.  Listeners get a sense of how long ago dinosaurs walked the earth in '69 Million Years' and learn about the tyrant tendencies of 'That ugly, little three-horned beast' on the song 'Triceratops.'  Other tidbits about various dinosaurs' appearance and  behavior are also woven into the lyrics."  

-- Staff


" 9 DINOSAUR SONGS is a unique, unusual and lively collection of folk-pop style songs that are as informative as they are entertaining for young listeners. Included in this enthusiastically recommended music CD for personal, school, and community library collections are: (goes on to list all songs and times). "

-- James A. Cox, Editor-In-Chief


"A witty and intelligent lyricist... Broom has bridged the gap between smart songs and catchy arrangements. The result is an infectious blend of pop and light jazz that catches listeners' attention and holds it."

-- Russ Tarby

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