Dinosaur Songs

Our music product, 9 Dinosaur Songs, is at once playful and intelligent, catchy and adventurous, conjuring up colorful images of prehistoric characters amidst decidedly modern settings. Music the whole family will listen to again and again, 9 Dinosaur Songs stands out in a sea of mediocre childrens' music.

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Bergman Broom and T-RexRead the lyrics to 9 Dinosaur Songs -  Click Here.

Highlights. . .

  • "69 Million Years" offers an overview of this time-traveling musical journey.
  • In "Big Stegosaurus," a forgetful dino makes a fruitless trip to the grocery store.
  • The Tyrannosaurus Rex in "Who Shall I Eat Next?" tries to manage an uncontrollable appetite.
  • Archaeopteryx poses as an evolutionary prophet in "Strange and Ancient Song."
  • The title dinosaur in "Triceratops" is a peaceful vegan with a vengeance.
  • The "Armored Lizard Waltz" looks at a girls' night out at a dance hop.
  • "Thesaurus Thesaurus" takes a peek at the rich inner life of a bookworm.





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