Reviews Bergman Broom and T-Rex Dinosaur Songs


"Not only did the kids love listening to the music, they also wanted to draw pictures of the characters and scenes in the songs.  The record really encouraged their creativity."

-Elaine Polak, elementary school teacher
Syracuse, New York


"'Broom wordsmithing makes ("Who Shall I Eat Next?", about Tyrannosaurus Rex,) memorable as he describes the hungry monster: 'What he lacked in mental, he made up for in dental.'"


"Filled with imaginative imagery, intricate word-play and easy-going blending of the three singers' voices often sounded as sweet and natural as the harmonizing of Paul Simon with the Roches.'"


"Musically, Broom has been compared to the likes of Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, ... Witty, alarming, and insightful."

- Mark Bialczeck

I have received your delightful CD.....thank you SO much for sending it on to me.  I intend to put it to good use, especially with grades learning about dinosaurs.  I now have something which will tie in with what they are studying in other classes!  With much appreciation!

-Carole Rivel, elementary school teacher


"Broom writes songs the way James Joyce wrote prose, with many thoughts and ideas working their way into a creative and informative product."

"I center my language arts cirriculum around songs.  You and Kurt are two of my favorite composers so I did 69 Million Years in March. The kids love the songs and it's nice because I can sneak in reading and vocabulary development without their even knowing!  We even made a huge mural illustrating the song."

-1st to 3rd grade teacher
Auburn, ME

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