Reprinted from Syracuse Newpapers / Neighbors East,
12-30-1999 - by Elizabeth Doran, staff writer.

'We believe it's less costly and a lot more environmentally friendly to repair your electronics, rather than throw them in the trash. " - Al Somlo,  Able Al's Electronic Service Center

He's a Very Able Businessman
Al Somlo branches out from computer repairs into other equipment
After repairing computers for the past fifteen years, Al Somlo decided to expand his business with additional staff into working on audio, televisions, videocassette recorders, fax machines, plus other types of office equipment.
      In September, Somlo opened Able Al's Electronic Service Center at (previously at) 525 West Manlius St., East Syracuse.  The new 4,500 square foot center employees
five people and specializes in repairs on electronics, audiovisual equipment, and office equipment.  Able Al's Electronic Service Center also works on game stations, computers, and antique televisions and radios.   
     Able Al's also has another new business housed within the Service Center; Able Al's Sound Shop.  That part of the business sells compact discs by local musical artists exclusively.  Somlo said he's had an online site promoting local groups since 1996, and decided to set up a retail shop within his new service center.  "I think it is an area neglected in Central New York, and we like to support local music groups," he said.
     Along with the new service center and music shop, Somlo continues to run sucessfully his on-site computer assistance business, Able Al's Computer Help.  Somlo travels to clients' homes and/or offices to work on computers.   Customers also can drop off their computers and peripherals at the new service center to be repaired.
     Somlo repairs computers, but also helps build web sites, conducts on-site computer training, sets up new systems, and does multiple networking.   He's also done extensive Y2K work on computer hardware and software.
    Somlo said he started the Service Center because he sees a need for reasonable cost repairs with a quick turnaround in the area.
    So far, Somlo said he's had some foot traffic at the new store, which used to house an insurance agency.  The core business so far has been repairing computers and office equipment, with lots of work coming in now on audio-visual equipment like VCRs and stereos, Somlo said.
    "A lot of repairs are needed from normal usage and some damage from power surges," he said.  "Most repairs are completed within seven to ten days.  We believe it's less costly and a lot more environmentally friendly to repair your electronics, rather than throw them in the trash."
    Before starting his computer sales and service business in 1995, Somlo was in charge of Silo's home office department for about six years.  When Silo closed, Somlo went into his own business.  Somlo says he choose East Syracuse because of its central location, and because there seemed to be a lot of empty storefronts in the village.   "I'd like to see the area revitalized," he said.
    Somlo said he enjoys repairing electronics but enjoys more the satisfaction of helping people.  "I like being able to help people find solutions," he said.



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