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Wolfman Jack Biography -

Robert Weston Smith - a man better known to many of us as Wolfman Jack - remains the most popular DJ in history. Sure, Alan Freed gave rock and roll a name, and Murray The K got to be the Fifth Beatle, but could either one boast of not one but FOUR songs named after them? One of which featured the Wolfman himself, and was a bonafide Top Ten smash? No, Wolfman was the biggest: the man didn't just play records, he wound up ON them.

    For a DJ, he also had an impressive TV and film career - which is to say, he had one. Nevertheless, the Wolfman was a mystery for many years, howling his unbelievably raspy intros to rock classics from two separate Mexican radio stations heard all over the U.S. The Wolfman, who had apprenticed in Virginia and Louisiana under different names, combined Freed's love for the music (indeed, Jack was a huge Freed fan) and Murray's manic sensibilities into a personality as iconoclastic and instantly recognizable as any rock star. When George Lucas revisited the culture of the Fifties in 1973's American Graffiti, he cast the Wolfman as himself, finally revealing his prodigious talents to the world. From that day on, Smith was a bonafide star, hosting NBC's Midnight Special and starring in bizarre b-movie classics like Motel Hell. Although he left us in 1995, time will no doubt be kind to the Wolfman and his legacy; especially so given the state of modern corporate radio, where the lone wolves have all been, sadly, driven to extinction.

One of radio’s most distinctive voices, “Wolfman Jack” was born Robert Smith
in Brooklyn, New York on January 21, 1938.

A longtime fan of radio, Smith first hit the airwaves as “Daddy Jules” on
Newport News, Virginia station WYOU-AM. In 1962, Smith became “Big Smith” for
station KCIJ/ Shreveport, Louisiana. Here, he drew upon his love of horror
movies and rock and roll to create the raspy-voiced, howling persona of
“Wolfman Jack.”

In the mid 1960s, the Wolfman crossed the border to Mexico and joined the
250,000-watt powerhouse XERF-AM. Thanks to XERF and later XERB-AM, the Wolfman
reached most of the southwestern United States while selling everything from
coffins to inspirational literature.

In 1969, the Wolfman returned to America and KDAY/Los Angeles. The following
year, he began an association with Armed Forces Radio that would last until
1986. In 1972, he moved back to his hometown and joined WNBC/New York.

For all of his fame, many of Wolfman Jack’s fans had never seen him until
1973, when he appeared in George Lucas’ hit film American Graffiti and began
an eight-year stint as host of NBC-TV’s Midnight Special.

“Wolfman Jack” died on July 1, 1995.

"Wolfman Jack" was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1996.

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Wolfman Jack Radio Show Broadcast Aircheck CD 10/17/1967 Sorry, we are no longer authorized to carry Wolfman jack Radio Shows as of 07-20-07.  Please go to main page of Able Al's Sound Shop for more great music including many other DJs.  Thanks for supporting music.
Dear Able Al Sound Shop: http://www.yrbook.com/soundshop/wolfmanjackradioshowcd.htm
Wolfman Jack Licensing represents the widow of Robert Weston Smith and she is the successor in interest to all intellectual property and publicity rights of Robert Weston Smith including, without limitation, the Wolfman Jack name, voice, image, likeness, copyrights and trademark.  It is a violation of law to make copies of any Wolfman Jack radio shows and/or to sell or trade any copies of WJ radio shows. 
To settle this matter, Wolfman Jack Licensing will require and agree to the following; 1. You cease and desist immediately from any and all sales, trades or copies of WJ shows; 2. You may retain one copy of all WJ inventory in your possession to be utilized only for your personal use; 3. We will not pursue any legal action against you for revenue received by you or for any damages sustained; 4. All copies of WJ shows in your possession (except for the one copy for your personal use) will be returned by you to the WJ archives.
Regarding WJ shows being sold on the Internet, heretofore we have stopped several sites from selling WJ legally protected items.  We continue to protect Mrs. Smith's rights and we vigorously pursue any violations.
We will appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 
Jay Harvey

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