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Ferraro CD East Side Mansion Will Ferraro / Mandrake - East Side Mansion (CandySpiteful Productions)
CD $11.99 (2000, 47 min.) Will Ferraro - East Side Mansion OUT OF PRINT / VERY LIMITED SUPPLY LEFT

Tracks -
01 Hard Drive 07 Starless Night
02 Inception 08 Strawberry Dream
03 Seven Opus 09 Shandrella Song
04 One 10 Composition Nine
05 Three Ring Circus 11 Innocent Lust
06 Mansion Theme  

Will Ferraro

Will Ferraro Bleed In Blue mp3Mandrake / Will Ferraro Bleed In Blue single review
Allen Borden, Phoenix New Times, AZ 05-03-2006

Listening to Will Ferraro’s / Mandrake’s new release on CandySpiteful Productions, the first thing that comes to mind is seasoned vocals and killer music. The song “Bleed In Blue” gave me chills. Ferraro has crafted a totally unique sound. He is defiantly our there, way far. His voice is the core of his sound and the production is above average to say the least. I’m not sure what the addiction is but I listened over and over to the music. I wonder if Ferraro knows something that we don’t.  I especially like the odd way that his vocals have a mysterious and sexual sound.  He is totally gifted or totally fried, either way Ferraro is so far past the ordinary that this musical creation left me numb and wanting more.

100 percent for creative and outstanding music. A must have for anyone wanting a new sound that is polished and well crafted.

Julie McLaughlin, Phoenix College Times, AZ 05-2006

I first met Will at a music-networking event in phoenix. We were both sitting on a panel of industry representatives fielding questions about the industry. Will is polite, professional, and knowledgeable. I was both surprised and impressed after learning that he was the owner of the Eastside Mansion Recording Studio in Tempe. Several of the music submissions that I have reviewed in the past were recorded and produced by him at his Mansion Studio. The recordings that come from his studio always have a polished edge to them. After talking with will I learned that he is a musician, crafts his own line of drums, and is the president of CandySpiteful Productions. I asked Will if he had any of his own music that I could listen to and his reply was “not right now but I can send you something.” Sure enough about a week later I received his latest work called “Bleed in Blue” with a cover letter stating that it was not yet mixed and mastered. As I listened to the recording my first thought was that maybe this was not his work or he singing? I listened closely and determined that yes this is actually he singing and he has a very confident and polished sound. Will is a really sweet guy, yet this music is a little dark, and edgy. I am at a loss as to what to compare it to. The lyrics are simple, brilliant, and well delivered. His voice has a sound to it that is hard to describe. The vocals in this mix have no special effects on them that I can detect. It is obvious that will knows how to capture the soul of a performance. It also became obvious to me that he has refined his own sound with years of practice, skillful production ability, and access to some high quality recording equipment. If anything stood out as being exceptional it would have to be his voice, followed closely by larger than life guitars. This song is good, really good. The performance is on par with anything I have ever heard. I am anxious to receive the finished album that is due to be released this summer. The Eastside Mansion obviously rocks.

Music Outlook
Gary McCraken, Jr. 06-2000

Upon listening to Bill Ferraro's newest release on
Candy Spiteful Productions.  My first thought on the
first song was THE ART OF NOISE meets MORPHINE.  This
was changed after a classical-sounding piano part came
in with a very old, almost renaissance-like progressive
rock feel to it.  You definitely have to hear this guy
to believe he's the only one playing all of these
instruments. He's a one man band with a concept album.  I can't
describe the music.  Maybe no one can.  It's totally cool
and very different .One thing is for certain, this
guy's production is way ahead of his time.  I give
Ferraro a lot of credit for doing something so out of
the ordinary in this area.  It's very artistic and
personal.  First off ,Bill started playing at the age of
4, and now he is to the point of building his own
custom drum kits which can be heard on this release.  He
plays all the instruments, and did the mixing and
mastering too.  The guy does it all and it shows here. I
really liked this disc.  It has that artistic, out there
quality. It goes into breaks that make you feel like
you are listening to one of those pure moods nature
CDs or something. Then it snaps you back with
something more mainstream. It's actually pretty cool and
it grows on you after you hear it a few times.
It's artistic, different, and believe me, he's a very
talented musician, especially as a pianist. The music
is at times out there, but always remains
graspable.  It's new, different, and experimental.
This is one of the things that impressed me the most.

Syracuse New Times
Pepper Donovan 2000

Oswego studio buff and lifelong musician Will Ferraro goes for, and achieves, a lush sound at his East Side Mansion studio.

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