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Seth Marcel CD Panties Wet is a ground breaking 14 Track hip hop / rap spectacular
 and Seth's first full length CD ever released.  Underground hip hop at its finest!

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  Beat Poet Hip-hopper Seth Marcel intends to put his hometown on the rap map.
By Justin Park
Eminem opened the gates in Detroit, Nelly created a buzz about St. Louis and Outkast reminded us that Southerners actually make music other than country and bluegrass. Seth Marcel, Syracuse-born and -bred, is trying to focus the country's eyes on the hip-hop scene in upstate New York, despite the fact that musical acts of all types from Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse have always struggled to shine next to the sunlike spotlight on New York City.

The problematic mentality is that if an act were any good, they'd move to the Big Apple to get noticed. Any East Coast hip-hop fan will tell you that upstate is where hardcore New York City rappers get sent to prison, not where great rappers are born.

Groundbreakers like Eminem, Nelly, and Atlanta's Outkast were brazen enough to represent their until-then-ignored native lands and to not copycat other emcees. Marcel could follow suit simply because he pulls no punches when letting people know what 'hood he's from and because he refuses to fit into any hip-hop cliches. His sound is clearly East Coast hardcore, similar to a rougher-edged Rakim; while his flow and his voice don't break new ground, the substance of his rhymes sets him apart.

Emulating the simpler times of hip-hop when groups like Public Enemy were rapping about race, politics and other matters of substance instead of guns, drugs and braggadocio, Marcel's songs tiptoe several lines, making him difficult to pin down. Like De La Soul, his messages are usually positive but not preachy. Like Public Enemy, he tries to challenge listeners with normally unspoken topics. His rhymes, however, don't read like an after-school special and he's hardly afraid to boast: He just leaves out the gun talk and keeps the four-letters to a minimum.

"Even the artists of today that actually rap with some substance don't reach the depth of those {Public Enemy} songs," Marcel says. "If I can make one song that makes me feel like I feel when I listen to {PE's} 'Welcome to the Terrordome,' I'll be happy."

These days his words reach a national audience as deejays from North Carolina to New York City play his singles. Yet Syracuse has always been the backdrop for the major turns in Marcel's life, from bookworm to deejay to barber to emcee to married father of four.     Seth Marcel and JadaKiss

Seth Marcel aka Billie Dixon  Seth Marcel 2004
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