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Mike Estep CD Next In Line Mike Estep - Next In Line
CD $9.99 (2003) Mike Estep - Next In Line

Tracks -
01 Live Intro 08 Circus Lights
02 Colder Rain 09 Paper Walls
03 Borders to Share 10 Jack and Jill
04 Waiting World 11 Falling
05 Train of Lies 12 Only Dreams
06 One Lane Bridge 13 The Mask
07 Next In Line  
Mike Estep CD This Machine Mike Estep - This Machine 
CD $9.99 (2000, 45 min.)Mike Estep - This Machine

Tracks -
01 Showtime 07 This Time
02 Falling 08 Reunion
03 Circus Lights 09 Snowplow Jockey
04 This Machine 10 Your Reflection
05 Train of Lies 11 The Mask
06 Dirty Laundry 12 One Lane Bridge
Mike Estep CD One Lane Bridge Mike Estep - One Lane Bridge 
CD $9.99 (1998, 47 min.) Mike Estep - One Lane Bridge

Tracks -
01 Walking Along The Wall 07 Hey Scarecrow
02 Showtime 08 One Lane Bridge
03 Borders to Share 09 Climb The Walls
04 Midnight Comes 10 Armored Hearts
05 Out On The Town 11 The Last Shift
06 Something Changed 12 Warden's Eyes

Mike Estep Band

When it's all said and done, there's only one way to describe the Mike Estep Band -

It's all about the songs.

These songs are about people you know, places you've been, things you've felt. The single mother working extra shifts to give her kids something to dream about, and never complaining about the burden. The Vietnam vet taking his son to see The Wall and trying to make sense of it all. A walk along the carnival midway on a starlit night with your lover. The fine line between man and machine, blurred even more, in this age of technology. A broken heart, a broken trust, a broken spirit. But yet, a belief that there are better days ahead.

It's all about the songs.

You can feel it in the live performances. Steve Orlando, Jr. steering the ship with his soulful vocals and expressive drumming. Paul Opel providing the solid foundation with his energetic bass playing and frenetic stage presence. Jeff Favalo taking you on a roller coaster ride from searing, heart-wrenching lead guitar to the tastiest rhythm licks you'll ever feast your ears on. And Mike Estep wrapping it all together with his driving acoustic guitar, a voice that you can't forget, and real emotion that makes every audience member a part of the experience.

It's not about how hard or fast you can play. It's not about how much money you can make. It's not about becoming a superstar.

The Mike Estep Band. Since 1998. It's all about the songs.

Critically praised original music, performed with a wide variety of uniquely flavored covers wrapped in a package of pure fun.

Critical Praise for the 2002 CD
"Next In Line"
Mark Bialczak, Syracuse, NY Post-Standard

"The Mike Estep Band surely has its own sound.

"With Estep and Jeff Favalo on guitar and vocals, Steve Orlando Jr. on drums and Paul Opel on bass, the Syracuse band dives into a whole bunch of very cool original songs with talent and great enthusiasm.

"But listening to the band's third disc, "Next in Line," it's hard to keep a handful of national icons out of your head.

"Like a lot of extremely successful bands, Estep and mates also stray from the strictly rock edge every now and again. With the Eagles it was folk and country, for Steve Miller it was the blues. Estep isn't afraid to meander into all those fields, then return squarely to the kind of meat-and-potatoes rock work that brought those shouting fans to The Caribou Club, where this disc was recorded.

"Most of the songs come from Estep's two studio albums. And he picks the best ones. On "One Lane Bridge," Estep sings, "Four-lane highway to a two-lane road to a one-lane bridge." Don't the circumstances of life squeeze like that practically every day? Yet for Estep, this is a chance to show support for his love.

"There also are four new songs. In "Next in Line," Estep sings, "She's next in line on the waiting list for the perfect, perfect love." Again, hope wins out.

"This is a superior live album technically, too, from the attention-grabbing intro and spell-binding guitar start on "Colder Rain" to the seamless segues throughout.

"Put it on when: You're yearning for new songs that show there's a guy in Syracuse who respects the timeless guitar-and-vocals sound that drove the Eagles, Bob Seger, Miller and so many more for decades."

-Mark Bialczak, Syracuse Post-Standard

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