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Horse Flies Until The Ocean CD Horse Flies - Until The Ocean
CD $9.99 (2008, 56 min.) Horse Flies Until The Ocean CD 

Tracks -
01 Build a House and Burn It Down 07 Three Shoes
02 Drunkard's Child 08 Oh Death
03 Rafting (From My Front Door) 09 14 Reasons
04 Carnival Lips 10 Baghdad Children
05 Veins of Coal 11 Cluck Old Hen
06 A Hundred Camels  
Horse Flies Two Traditions CD Horse Flies - Two Traditions (originally released 1999)
CD $11.99 (reissue 2006, 40 min.) Horse Flies Two Traditions CD

Tracks -
01 Candy Girl 08 John Brown's Dream
02 Ride Ol' Buck 09 Praying Mantis
03 You're Never Promised Tomorrow 10 Devil In the Strawstack
04 Jimmy Sutton 11 Sugar Babe
05 Emory Bailey 12 Hangman's Reel
06 Zone Blue 13 Mountain Water
07 Wooden Thumbs 14 Good Night
Horse Flies In The Dance Tent CD Horse Flies - In The Dance Tent (live 07-21-96)
CD $11.99 (2000, 72 min.) Horse Flies In The Dance Tent CD 
Tracks -
01 Pretty Little Girl 06 Human Fly
02 Emory Bailey 07 Late for the Dance
03 Swamp Cat Rag 08 Ride Old Buck
04 Iko Iko 09 Leather Britches
05 John Brown's Dream 10 Jimmy Sutton
Horse Flies CD Gravity Dance Horse Flies - Gravity Dance
CD $11.99 (1991, 56 min.) Horse Flies Gravity Dance CD 

Tracks -
01 Life is a Rubber Rope 07 I Need a Plastic Bag
02 Sally Ann 08 Needles on the Beach
03 Roadkill  09 Starvation Waltz
04 Passion is an Art Form 10 Cold Out There
05 What Does Family Mean 11 Tim is Burning
06 Two Candles 12 Your Eyes are Elevators
Horse Flies CD Human Fly Horse Flies - Human Fly
CD $11.99 (1987, 42 min.) Horse Flies Human Fly CD

Tracks -
01 Human Fly 06 Who Throwed Lye on My Dog
02 Hush Little Baby 07 I Live Where It's Gray
03 Jenny On The Railroad 08 Link of Chain
04 Rub Alcohol Blues 09 Blueman's Daughter
05 Cornbread  

Horse Flies Band Biography -

Horse Flies have released eight albums: "Gravity Dance" on MCA, "Human Fly" on Rounder/MCA, "Chokers and Flies" on Rounder, "In the Dance Tent", "Two Traditions", "Until The Ocean" on Pest Control, "Where the Rivers Flow North" score for the film of that name, on Alcazar Records, and "A Stranger in the Kingdom" another film score. They have also appeared on a number of compilation recordings. Both "Human Fly" and "Gravity Dance" reached the top 40 on the Gavin and CMJ charts, and reviews and articles on the band have appeared in major publications such as Rolling Stone, Musician Magazine, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, New Musical Express, and Melody Maker.   Some members of Horse Flies are now in a group called Boy With A Fish.

Band Members -
Judy Hyman - violin
Rich Stearns - guitar, banjo
Jeff Claus - guitar, uke
Taki Masuko - drums, percussion
June Drucker - bass
Rick Hansen - accordion, keyboards

Reviews -

A band that's earned a buzz ... The Horse Flies churn out swirling, addictive songs, blending tradition with invention.
Eliza Wing, Rolling Stone

Much like Talking Heads in its early days, the Horse Flies combine musical and lyrical quirkiness with beguiling wit and intelligence on their second album, "Gravity Dance." Chief lyricist Jeff Claus may sing "I've tried psychotherapy, TV and beer / But sometimes I still feel like Van Gogh's left ear" one moment, but a few songs later he's tackling more serious concerns. Musically, "Gravity Dance" is a melange of rock, folk, and minimalism, all held together by Judy Hyman's haunting violin and a glove tight rhythm section. This is music that challenges the brain without sacrificing the groove.
Dan Kening, Chicago Tribune

Upstate New York has sired two of the most worthy acts of the recent past in Jamestown's 10,000 Maniacs and Ithaca's Horse Flies. Addressing the state of the modern world from close proximity but widely diverging points of view--the Maniacs with their flint-eyed propriety, and the Flies with apocalyptic imagery balanced by a sly wink--the two acts wind up roiling the same stagnant waters: both flout pop's narrowing margins to create challenging music, but without losing sight of what has historically made pop such an enduring art form. In the case of the Horse Flies this is the product of unfettered imagination. It would be fair to say that this sextet has widened pop's parameters with its two wild and wonderful recordings, 1987's "Human Fly" and 1991's "Gravity Dance."
Clay McNear, The Dallas Observer

Horse Flies Band
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