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CD Expand Your Herizon is a ground breaking 17 Track hip hop / rap spectacular
 and Herizon's second full length CD released.  Also, check out Herizon's 10 Track sizzling debut release - Donya. 
Underground hip hop at its finest!

Herizon Her Eyes On That Deal DVD  Herizon - Her Eyes On That Deal
DVD $12.99 (2007, 105 min.) 
Herizon Her Eyes On That Deal DVD
Shipping for DVD is $4.50.

This is a street documentary of a real hustling chick with real talent destined to sign a record deal.  Ride with Herizon as she performs live shows and hustles city to city.  On the journey you will see the good times and the hardships that come with the struggle.  The DVD is loaded with extra behind the scene footage, videos, and lots of exclusive content on Herizon.

Herizon - Streets Love Me Vol 1 CD  Herizon - The Streets Love Me Vol 1
CD $9.99 (2011, 68 min.)   Herizon - Streets Love Me Vol 1 CD

Herizon -  Don't Need Help To Write music video

Herizon Rain On Me CD Herizon - Rain On Me
CD $6.99 (2007) SOLD OUT / 
Please purchase MP3 direct digital download directly above instead.

   Herizon - Expand Your Herizon  Herizon - Expand Your Herizon
   CD $6.99 (2004, 62 min.)  OUT OF STOCK
01 Believe In Me Intro 10 Best In The Game
02 Part of Me 11 This Song's For You
03 Stack Ya Paper 12 As South As It Gets
04 Look What You Do To Me 13 Died In Your Arms
05 Nothing To F Wit 14 Been Around The World
06 What City What State 15 Freestyle Lil' Fly Momma
07 Still In Love 16 Freestyle Herizon
08 I Want You 17 Thank You's
09 Hustling Chicks  

Herizon - Hustling Chicks music video

Herizon - Donya  Herizon - Donya
              CD $6.99 (2003, 37 min.)

01 Intro 07 Ain't No Way
02 Herizon 08 Daddy
03 Have U Ever 09 Thug Love
04 All I Need 10 Freestyle
05 Donya 11 Thank You
06 One Life  
    Herizon / INH CD Ladies First Mixtape Vol. 1 Herizon / INH - Ladies First Mixtape Vol. 1
CD $6.99 (2006, 76 min.) Herizon / INH Ladies First Mixtape Vol. 1 CD
01 Intro 14 My Man � Nyanna and Herizon
02 Ladies� First � INH 15 Go � Innasense
03 I�m A Hustler � Herizon 16 Going Round � The Senate ft. Herizon
04 Undecided � Nyanna 17 Put It On Lock � Herizon
05 Get It On Tonight - Herizon ft. Nyanna 18 Buggin � Nyanna ft. Knight
06 I Miss You � Innasense ft. Taj Mahal 19 I Need A Good Fella � Goodfellas ft. Innasense
07 You Already Know - Herizon ft. Thugzmen 20 Never Let You Go � Innasense
08 Get Away � Knight ft. Nyanna 21 My Place � Innasense
09 Wait Remix � Herizon 22 Outro
10 Put It On Me � Innasense ft. Herizon 23 Look What You Do To Me � Herizon Ft. Nyanna and Sports Star
11 If It Wasn�t For You � Nyanna 24 Still In Love � Herizon ft. Innasense
12 Never Too Late � Herizon 25 I Need To Get Away - Dezerae
13 Let You Love Me � Innasense ft. Herizon  



stands for � Rising to the top no matter what, I�m always gonna shine�

'Cuse Town�s Finest HERIZON is Blazin the streets with a female seductive array of lyrical Brilliance!  If you�re looking for the future of Female rap look no further, Just expand your HERIZON she�s here........   Born and raised in Syracuse New York, Toryona  a.k.a. HERIZON started out in the entertainment game as a dancer after winning numerous talent contest she knew that the music she was dancing  to had something more to offer her, so one hot summer day after practicing her last  dance routine to her favor rap song she grabbed her pen & pad and inked her first rhyme.

 "After writing that first rhyme, I knew one day I would hold the rap game by the balls. As a young girl I knew what the streets had to offer, with my fathers love, I knew I was able to do what ever I wanted, so I did.  Even when my boyfriend at the time was telling me � girls don�t rap that way�, I didn�t want to stop.  I started battling girls.  I would do em so bad I just stopped and started battling the boys,  my skills were on that level. As a little girl I looked up to �Salt & Peppa, Queen Latifa, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J and Mary J. Blidge.  When I would see their videos, I could see myself making videos and doing shows."

 HERIZON laces the streets with a flame of brown suga.  Only in the music industry professionally since 2003, her accomplishments spit a force of persistence only held by the top Artist in the game.  "I work the streets with my Assault squad DONYA (CAMOKA, CAPPACHINO, SHERI AMOR-E, KAHLUA, CAJUAN, and  CAFE-LATTA).  We out there city to city selling CDS out the trunk of the car  hitting all CD�s with the help of her street team DONYA, any thing I put my name on I gonna promote it.  In less than a year HERIZON has put out 2 CD�s, started an acting career with  a modeling gig on the side and recorded a vault of hits.  Although I haven�t done a lot of shows with national artists, I�ve done a few.   I haven�t done a lot of shows with other artists because I put on my own shows, I make more money that way, but recently I have been networking a lot so that will soon change.  I doubt there is any other female rap artist out there this determined to make it.  In a male driven music  industry I am that ride or die chick, I don�t bullshit. I rhyme about what I feel and things myself and my Crew  DONYA  go through."  While most female rappers try to use a rough raunchy exploitation of their sex fantasies to market themselves, HERIZON uses her seductive nature to control the Mic. Her  style is street, Business, Sex, Money , love, hate, Control, skills, and a host of other traits all rolled into one Hot Sexy rapper that�s blowing up...

 "In 2003 I dropped my first CD HERIZON (self-titled). After selling 2,000 CD�s in a few months I started to get management offers from all kinds of local and national managers, to all of which I declined. I am the Voice of females Rappers and I won�t just jump on with any team just because someone is interested in my talent.  I am the best so I want to work with the best."  Music industry get ready for HERIZON because it�s not who she worked with, it�s who wants to work with HERIZON.  With the Love of her family, friends and her hometown Syracuse behind her, there is nothing she cannot accomplish. Sky�s the limit for this motivated young woman determined to take the rap game by storm.  

Herizon at Soul Train Music Awards 2005  Herizon strikes a pose
Herizon live in concert
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   Deadwate - Dinnertime Deadwate - Dinnertime
   CD $9.99 (2003, 62 min.)

Wreck Files - Undaground Hiphop Wreck Files  - Undaground Hip-Hop (feat. Seth Marcel)
CD $9.99 (2000, 54 min.)

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Deadwate  - Getcha Hustle On / Masters Of  The Microphone Deadwate  - Getcha Hustle On / Masters Of  The Microphone           Vinyl $5.99 (2003, 22 min.)

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Sampling CD Hip Hop Necessities Ghetto Noise Vol 1 Sampling (Akai, Roland, Ensoniq) Hip Hop Necessities
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