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David Pasternack CD Tribute David Pasternack - A Tribute
(1999, 30 min.) David Pasternack - A Tribute
Tracks -
01 No, You Can't Mean That 06 House of the Rising Sun
02 Say You Still Love Me 07 You Know His Name
03 Wild Weekend 08 Slow Down
04 Sleepwalk 09 You Send Me
05 Honkytonk  

David Pasternack  Biography
1997 Syracuse Area Music Awards SAMMYS Winner.

Syracuse New Times
Larry Hoyt 02-09-2000

The CD homage to the late David Pasternack was more than just another gig for producers Sam Patterelli, of Blue Jay Way Studios, and Sam Amato, of Sam & the Twisters fame. David Pasternack: A Tribute pays respects to their friend, a talented guitarist who had been a mainstay of the Central New York music scene since the 1960s and was inducted into the Syracuse Area Music Awards, Sammys, Hall of Fame in 1997.

Patterelli and Amato present a historic overview of Pasternack's own music as well as his friends' interpretations of other songs he loved. Featuring both new and old recordings, Tribute brings together a who's who of the local rock establishment to deliver a sincere salute to Pasternack.

After Pasternack's death in August 1999 at age 55, area talents--including tenor saxman Joe Whiting, drummer Jan Fetterly, keyboardist Mickey Palumbo and bassists Al Wolf and Tim Cleary--came together as the Tribute House Band to record five of the disc's nine songs at Blue Jay Way. The new recordings also feature an army of guitar players, including Amato, Eric "Will" McLean, Jerry Cali, Kenny Budd and Mickey Palumbo.

The disc begins with a vintage 1969 live recording of Pasternack leading the Livin' Ennd through one of Pasternack's own compositions, "No, You Can't Mean That," a Kinks-style rocker that features a playful kazoo solo. "Say You Still Love Me," another Livin' Ennd recording of a Pasternack song of the same era, shows more of the Monkees-styled pop sound that has endured for decades.

Three of the disc's tracks, "Wild Weekend," "Sleepwalk" and "Honkytonk," are the kind of crowd-pleasing instrumentals that Pasternack enjoyed playing with his bands, which included Carmen and the Vikings, the Livin' Ennd, Jammit and the Mercurys. Vocalists Sandy Bigtree, Tim Cleary and Jan Fetterly are featured on two new songs, as well as a cover of the Animals' "House of the Rising Sun" and the Amato-Clearly composition "You Know His Name," a heartfelt and upbeat song in memory of their departed friend.

The disc closes with covers of "Slow Down" and "You Send Me," recorded "live in the basement" by Pasternack and the Mercurys in 1987. With Wayne Stevens on drums, Mark Gibson on guitar, Patterelli on bass and Pasternack on guitar and vocals, the Mercurys' recordings show why this group was considered one of the best oldies-styled bands to play this area.

This excellent tribute CD serves as an entertaining reminder of Pasternack's passion for his music, the fun he had and the enduring love his friends still have for this talented and dedicated musician.

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