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                 Captain Howdy Show CD Spirit of Rock and Roll Captain Howdy Show - Spirit of Rock and Roll
CD $13.99 (2005, 69 min.) Captain Howdy Show - Spirit of Rock and Roll CD
Tracks -
01 Introduction 09 Read Between the Lines
02 Ready to Rock / Rock n Roll Queen 10 EZ Come, EZ Go
03 Mellow Yellow Man 11 Whiskey and Sin
04 Little Miss Innocent 12 Bitchin' Blind
05 Fallen Heroes 13 Tend To Your Garden
06 Laughing Jack 14 Head Hunter
07 Dream Girl 15 The Spirit of Rock and Roll
08 Blue Yonder Express  
Welcome to Captain Howdy's "Spirit of Rock and Roll".  So, what is the Captain Howdy show?  The Captain Howdy Show is a rock n' roll extravaganza, completely made up of and performed by only one man, Captain Howdy, himself. All the vocal parts, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, piano, synthesizer, and organ parts, and all the percussion and drums are played by Captain Howdy. All the songs are written, arranged and produced by Captain Howdy, a la the multi-talent Phil Collins and the originality of Lenny Kravitz. And take things one step further; the entire CD was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Captain Howdy to insure that the sound quality of the music properly portrays the true "Spirit of Rock and Roll." This is your chance to add a CD of higher caliber rock n' roll to your collection that is unlike any CD that you own. This is a truly rare CD, featuring a performance unlike any that you've ever heard.

The CD is arranged and put together to simulate a live performance. "The Spirit of Rock and Roll" includes an Introduction to begin Act I, a three-minute acoustic Intermission, and ends with a hard-rocking Act II that culminates in the show-ending title cut, "The Spirit of Rock And Roll." This "show" was calculated piece by piece in an all-out attempt to give the listener the feel and energy of a live show, and to be as entertaining and memorable as a listening experience can be.

For any rock n' roll fan, there's something on "The Spirit of Rock and Roll" that will satisfy your thirst for new, exciting and refreshing tunes. There is traditional rock n' roll with "Rock n' Roll Queen,' the old radio rock of "Ez Come, Ez Go," and "Laughing Jack," the California sound with "Dream Girl" and lots of energy-filled, fast paced rockers like "Little Miss Innocent," "Whiskey and Sin," "Tend To Your Garden" and "Head Hunter." There's even a tribute to our soldiers, "Fallen Heroes." Mixed in with various song introductions, guitar jams and sound effects, the listener is given the total rock n' roll experience. The music, itself, features two, three and four part harmonies, reminiscent of the Doobie Brothers; the guitar power and energy of Foghat; the boogie back beat of Little Feat; the comedic tongue-in cheek classic rock styling of Cheap Trick; and the duo guitar harmonies of Thin Lizzy.

This is music for the common man; music that everyone can relate to, and maybe, even experienced themselves. You may even know someone that is just like "The Mellow Yellow Man,' Little Miss Innocent," the guy who gets the last laugh in "Laughing Jack," the party girl in "Rock n' Roll Queen," the fantasy "Dream Girl," the down and out drug and alcohol fiend in "Whiskey and Sin," or the pampered princess in "Tend to your Garden."

"The Spirit of Rock and Roll" from the Captain Howdy Show is the CD to play at parties, at the beach, in your car for friends or at any get-together where you want to blow away people with something they've never heard, but will enjoy and be entertained at the same time.  May the Spirit of Rock and Roll always be with you.

Reviews -
Alicia Petersson, R and R Radio Network

Here's what one reviewer had to say about "The Spirit of Rock and Roll":
On my first listen, I knew the "Spirit of Rock and Roll" was special and that the Captain
Howdy show was no ordinary rock n' roll band. This is true-to-the-heart rock n" roll storytelling
that takes the listener on an entertaining journey that captures the feel, the sound, the energy...the
true spirit of rock n' roll. The music is pure vintage rock, powered by melodic harmonies, twin bill lead guitars and a tight, kickin' rhythm section. The songs are arranged and set up to simulate a live performance.
From the opening "Introduction" and energy-filled "Ready To Rock", to the acoustic rock "Blue Yonder
Express" intermission, to the raucous show-ending title cut "The Spirit Of Rock And Roll", a show
atmosphere and entertainment are the focus of The Captain Howdy Show. CD's come and go, but this one stays on my play list. This music will energize your spirit of rock n' roll, or you'll newly find the spirit of rock n' roll.

Hard driving rock n' roll, with a purpose
Phil Camp

The Captain Howdy show debut CD is a lesson on how a Hard driving Rock n' Roll show should be. From the opening intro, you know this isn't going to be your typical listen. Starting with the opening chords of "Ready to Rock/rock n' Roll Queen" through to the acoustic fun of "Blue Yonder Express", This CD sell it. Captain Howdy make a statement from A to Z on this disk. Hard nose, straight ahead, in your face, hard driving rock and roll is what Captain Howdy preaches, and you should listen.....

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