Plymouth Day Care Center, Syracuse NY
Plymouth Day Care Center
232 East Onondaga Street
Syracuse, NY 13202-2608
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Thank you for your interest in Plymouth Day Care Center.  
The Center closed on 07-16-2009 after being in operation for 40 years.
Read more in the Syracuse Post Standard article.

Our Mission:
     "Plymouth Day Care Center believes that young children need and deserve a warm and loving environment in which each child feels special and proud.  It is our responsibility to provide a stimulating environment that encourages children to grow and explore.  It is our purpose to enhance a strong self concept in everything we do.  In caring for the child as a whole, we also provide and teach the importance of a well balanced and nutritious diet.  We try to nurture confidence and respect, enabling children to function in a social society.  We hope our children gain problem solving skills and the ability to express their true feelings.  We strive to teach children to care for their environments and to be involved in their community.  We respect all cultures, races, and religions in an unbiased manner.  We believe that parents want and need to be actively involved in their child's care, growth, and development, and that it is our responsibility to nurture their needs."
We Believe:
  • We can make a difference.
  • We provide the opportunity to enhance the human condition.
  • Our children can make a difference and are the future.

United Way Member
Plymouth Day Care Center is proud to be a United Way member.
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