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Put your business on the Internet with a Yrbook.com web site for as low as .48 cents per day (over a 1 year period).  We are print media advertising our site daily for you in New York State to gain the maximum exposure for your business. Additionally, we are heavily placed on search engines so people will find your business on the Internet.

Able Al's(tm) Computer Help can design a 1 page web site for your business which includes 380,000+ search engine submittals,
3 scanned graphic images, colored background or wallpaper,
your provided text up to 250 words, optional free monthly newsletter update from you via e-mail, page counter to track how many visitors your site gets, listing in Yrbook Business Directory, plus 1st month listing on Yrbook.com homepage:
1 full year on the Yrbook.com site for only $150.00.
Additional web pages only $75.00 each.
Web site updates only $35.00 per hour from Able Al's (tm).

If you would like assistance in designing your own site & then putting it on the Internet, we can help you also. Cost for Able Al's(tm) hosting is $35.00 for 1 year Domain Name Registration (with hosting service established at time of registration) & $35/month (with one year, $420.00 total amount obligation) for up to 40mg website space. For an additional $14.00 per month, we can provide a secure page on your Web Site for transmitting private information (such as credit card numbers) and includes support for CGI-Scripts and Active Server Pages requiring SSL.  In addition, Able Al's(tm) can program your site for you for only $35/ hour. Also, provided at no additional cost is first month free link on Yrbook.com Homepage & free listing/ link in Yrbook.com Business Directory for first year.
We also do internal websites (Intranets) for businesses. Please call Able Al's (tm) at (315) 440-1024 to set up an appointment or e-mail Able Al's Computer Help.

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