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Huntington Family Centers, Inc.
405 Gifford Street
Syracuse, NY 13204-3290
(315) 476-3157 // FAX (315) 476-3860
Member of the United Neighborhood Centers of America, Inc.

Our Mission:
     "Huntington Family Centers Inc., a settlement house, dedicated to the dignity and self worth of all individuals, is committed to enhancing the lives of families and children for the future of our community; we accomplish this through diverse, year round programming designed to strengthen individuals and families in a safe, caring environment."
We Believe:
  • We can make a difference.
  • We are caring and reliable to consumers.
  • Families and individuals have infinite value and must be respected.
  • We provide the opportunity to enhance the human condition.
  • Everyone should have quality in their lives.
  • In providing services to the entire family.
  • Our children can make a difference and are the future.
      Huntington Family Centers, Inc. has been providing successful and effective human services to the community since 1919.  For the past 80 years, Huntington Family Centers has been working with young children, youth, teens, adults, and senior citizens.  We assist people who are most vulnerable to social and economic adversity.  We provide services to people faced with problems presented by inadequate education, unemployment, substandard housing, developmental disabilities, and discrimination based on race, gender, handicap, or socio-economic status.  Programs focus on self-development through education, counseling, and positive experiences.  Huntington Family Centers are an entry point into the existing network of social services.  We strive to reduce economic, social, and political inequality by building neighborhood pride and a sense of self-esteem for people.
      We deal with the social problems of individual loneliness, family disintegration, and the erosion of neighborhoods.  Huntington Family Centers provides families year-round opportunities for self development as well as individual and family counseling.  Our workers help plan and coordinate services with other community agencies and advocate on behalf of neighborhood residents.
      Huntington Family Centers, Inc. has a comprehensive personnel policy, and in 1997 had a staff of 47.  Every effort is made to hire culturally diverse staff that understands the need of the children and families we serve.   We have a 27 member board of directors that meets monthly and provides fiscal and programming oversight.

United Way Member
Huntington Family Centers, Inc. is proud to be a United Way member.

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